Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New BlackBerry App -- 30 second investment analyzer

Are you confused by all of the possible investment propertly listings to choose from on MLS.CA or REALTOR.CA?  Well, we have created a BlackBerry app that will help you to eliminate the unprofitable properties from your analysis.  Stay focused on the property listings that have great potential.

Email tmacfarlane@email.com to learn more.


Monday, September 6, 2010

New BlackBerry game Splat Attack

Splat Attack

Test your paint ball skills by playing Splat Attack.  Get ready as snipers hide behind every corner.  Make your mark on the targets that will test your aim.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

BlackBerry targeting older versions

Development Environment

Because of the large number of existing BlackBerry users still using older devices, we must target our official releases at OS 4.2.1. This means we won't have access to some of the newer APIs that might make our job easier, such as those that support SQLite databases (new in OS 5.0).

With the release of the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse 1.1, component packs older than 4.5.0 are not available on the standard update site. As of 26-Jun-2010, component packs for 4.3.0 and 4.2.1 are available on the update site for the Beta version of the 1.1 JDE plug-in. The Beta update site is located at http://na.blackberry.com/eng/developers/devbetasoftware/jar/3.5/java.

To target OS 4.2.1, there are a few options:

1.Add the BlackBerry JDE plug-in for Eclipse 1.1 Beta update site.

2.Configure the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1 to use the 4.2.1 Component Pack from the 1.0 plugin.

3.Use an existing installation of the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.0

4.Target a later version, but only use APIs supported by 4.2.1

5.Use the 4.2.1 BlackBerry JDE

Using the 4.2.1 BlackBerry JDE

There's not much to say here. Just install the JDE and configure a project using the source files from the Subversion repository.

Using the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.0

This tool is being discontinued by RIM. While you can still download the plug-in itself, it's no longer possible to obtain the 4.2.1 Component Pack from RIM's web site. If you don't already have it installed you cannot use this option.

Targeting a later OS version

You can use tools that support newer OS versions, including the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1, but refrain from using any APIs not supported by 4.2.1. The Blackberry API Javadoc indicates the minimum OS for each class and method it describes. If you select this option you may contribute source code to the project but you will be unable to test against a 4.2.1 simulator.

Configuring the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1 to use a 4.2.1 Component Pack from the v1.0 plugin

Note: You must have a previous install of the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse v1.0, including the 4.2.1 Component Pack. The component pack can no longer be obtained from the BlackBerry web site.

Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 3.5

Install Blackberry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse 1.1

Copy net.rim.eide.componentpack4.2.1_4.2.1.17 folder from Eclipse 3.4.1 plugins directory to Eclipse 3.5 plugins directory.

Create a text file with the following content:

-Dee.home=C:\Program Files (x86)\Eclipse 3.5\plugins\net.rim.eide.componentpack4.2.1_4.2.1.17\components






-Dee.name=BlackBerry JRE 4.2.1

-Dee.description=BlackBerry Java API Definitions, simulators and utilities for BlackBerry smartphone OS version

-Dee.copyright=Copyright (c) Research In Motion Ltd. 1997-2009 All Rights Reserved.

-Dee.output.folder.suffix=4.2.1Be sure to edit the path in the first line if you've installed Eclipse 3.5 in a different directory. Save this file in the directory indicated in the first line. Name it BlackBerry.ee.

Configure Eclipse to use the 4.2.1 Component Pack

Open Eclipse 3.5.

Open Windows -> Preferences, then navigate to Java -> Installed JREs.

Click Add...

Select "BlackBerry Execution Environment VM" and click Next

Click the "File..." button next to Definition File and browse to the BlackBerry.ee that you created eaarlier.

Click Finish

You should now be able to target BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 with the Eclipse 4.5 IDE and the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in 1.1.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Choosing the right JDE to develop your blackberry apps

When creating and building your application, it is important to choose the correct version of the BlackBerry JDE to make sure that the application is compatible with the target BlackBerry smartphones. Applications built in the BlackBerry JDE are forward-compatible with newer BlackBerry Device Software versions, but they are not backward-compatible with older versions.

For example, an application built in BlackBerry JDE 4.1 runs on a BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry® Device Software 4.1 and later. It does not run on a BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software 4.0. Thus, when building applications, you should use a BlackBerry JDE version that matches the lowest version of BlackBerry Device Software you want to support.

Note: To verify the version of BlackBerry Device Software installed on the BlackBerry smartphone, select Options > About.

Load applications onto a BlackBerry smartphone

Load applications onto a BlackBerry smartphone

Here are the different options to load your apps to your BlackBerry device.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Distributing a BlackBerry game via desktop or usb

To generate an ALX file from the JDE, right-click the project and select Generate ALX file.

Distributing an application for desktop installation is easy—just give the ALX and COD files to the user.

The process of installing is a bit more complex:

1. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
2. If it’s not already running, start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
3. Select the Application Loader.
4. Click Add/Remove Applications.
5. Click Browse, and find the ALX file for your application.
6. Make sure the check box next to your application is checked, and click Next and complete the wizard.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HAY! new BlackBerry Game available


Farmer Lou needs to get the barn yard animals back into the barn and stop them from stealing his horse's hay.  Watch out for the pigs, chickens and cows and you move across the farm to put the animals back into the barn.

The barn yard animals are trying to steal your horse's hay.  Can you get the animals back in the barn and save your hay?

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